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Re: jboste sorcu

Restoring the summer archives in this case means going through my private
mail for June and July, which should include most if not all Lojban List
traffic.  If someone else has been archiving the traffic, they should contact
Cowan or myself ASAP.  The amount of work necessary for me to recapture the
stuff may be as little as 1 day, but as those who have been waiting for
orders have found out, my setting aside a day for Lojban lately has been
rather few and far between.  I tend to take on tasks most of the time that
take just a few minutes at a time, or that can be interrupted by kids running
in to ask for something. Orders I cannot do in interrupt mode, and dictionary
is only slightly better (the textbook is something I neeed to set aside
continuous time for days and weeks in good sized blocks to be able to get
much done).  Mail processing can be done in interrupt mode, though I can't s

seem to keep up, much less catch up, with mail.

There are tasks that crop up from time to time, but they don't tend to last
long enough to warrant putting them on the Web.  If I discover I need something
it is usually that I need it right away.  Otyherwise, most tasks tend to be
BIG ones.  (Jorge at one point was translating the gismu list (with place
strutures) in Esperanto, and was also taking a cut at umpteen hundred
possible lujvo extracted semi-automatically from the last 3 years archives
to create place structures according to Nick's lujvo paper.  He may w
some help on either, but these are generally SO big tasks that we don't even
ask people until they have shown that they are willing/able to undertake large
time-commitment efforts.

The current priotirty task for ANYONE on the List is to read Cowan's various
refgrammar papers, and send comments.  The skilled Lojbanists can of course
look for errors.  Novices, and less experienced Lojbanists can comment on
clarity of the examples and explanations.