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Re: I've received a spam thru this list , what can be done

There is not much that can be done to stop the spamming.  We have on occasion
considered making it so that only list members can post to the list, but the
listserver is very finicky on addresses and this might make some people
unable to post at all because they cannot closely control what address gets
seen by the listserver as the source path.  There are also ways for spammers
to get by that technique - by logging on, spamming, and then logging off.
The frequency of spams has been significnat, but as of yet amounts to a very
small fraction of traffic.  The most bothersome of late has been the
magazine subscription ads, that are being spammed on all mailing lists AND
newsgroups, often multiple times and with muiltiple origin addresses.

We can of course consider the posting resatriction and do so every time someone
asks us to.  But so far, relatively few people have been so affected that
they feel they need to drop out because of it (I realize thta many of our non-
US subscribers are paying for this spam traffic._