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Re: pointing

coi do

The nominations for pointing:

>     mi degbasna le blanu stizu
This is straight-forward, but I think there is a connotation of selection when
basna is used; something like there are number of chairs and I am
emphasising one in particular with my finger.  It's not quite point.

>     mi jarco sepi'o lemi degji leka farna le blanu stizu mi
Technically on the nose, but I prefer the lujvo version
"mi jarcyselpi'odegykamfa'a le blanu stizu" :-)

>     la'e lemi degji cu farna le blanu stizu
This makes the appropriate claim that my finger indicates the direction of the
chair, but it is not an agentive action.

    mi fa'agau la'e lemi degji le blanu stizu

Perhaps, if the place structure is right.  We also get

    mi fa'agau

for the elided method and object.

    mi snigau lemi degji le blanu stizu

This does not require the de-reference, so I think it is the most succint.

Such an apparently simple concept is quite elusive in lojban.  This was also
the first thing I tried to write in lojban :-(

co'o mi'e dn.