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Re: lujvo query

> > 1. Does {gerku zei zdani} conform to jvajvo principles? Would not
> >    {gerku zei se zei zdani}, {gerselzda}, "x1 is kennelled by x2",
> >    be more fitting?
> .ianai
> A {broda zei zdani} is some kind of {zdani}.  A {gerku [zei] se
> [zei] zdani} would be a dog-kind-of behomed-thing.

Yes, so a kennel would be a {se gerselzda} or {selgerselzda}.

Is there a jvajvo principle that says that in {broda zei cmoda},
b1 = c1?

> Naked {jai} was introduced a long time ago as a sort of inverse
> of {tu'a}.
>        x1 jai broda x2 x3 ...
>        tu'a x1 broda x2 x3 ...
> but there's also an extra {fai} place for the original event
> in broda's x1.
>        x1 jai broda x2 x3 ... fai xf
>        xf po'u lenu x1 co'e cu broda x2 x3 ...
> ki'ape'i

Kia indeed. I do not feel enlightened.