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Re: TECH: PROPOSED CHANGE 37: Relative Clauses before names

>Allow relative clauses between LA or DOI and a CMENE.  Also allow relative
>clauses after "DOI CMENE" or "DOI relative-clauses CMENE".
>This will allow names with relative clauses that are part of the name, like
>"la poi banli .karl." (Karl the Great, i.e. Charlemagne) and the like.

Please make explicit that the pause will always be required before as
well as after the actual cmene.

There could also be some funky elidable effects:

la noi ciska sutramau be la lojbab. djan. kau,n.  would not work without
a be'o or ku'o, but with a brivla istead of lojbab. would be fine.