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Re: TECH: PROPOSED CHANGE 37: Relative Clauses before names

John Cowan writes:

> Allow relative clauses between LA or DOI and a CMENE.  Also allow relative
> clauses after "DOI CMENE" or "DOI relative-clauses CMENE".

No question in my mind that this is necessary (I vote yes).

How would one handle a predicate name with imbedded sumti?  Or imbedded UI?  It
would be most "logical" that arguments, decorations, modal phrases and
clauses attach to the argument selbri the same on a name as on any other kind of
selbri, but as noted in the proposal, subphrases might be an integral part of
name or might be gratuitous additions.  So perhaps the rule should be that
all ADMPSC before the selbri are integral, and all after are semantic.

Bizarre example, perhaps kid's teasing:

        ta cmene la fe lo toldi ku kalte be fi le nu citka
        His name is Hunter of Butterflies (for eating)

{toldi-butterflies} is an integral part of the name, while {le nu citka} is
a sumti within sumti, but is very gratuitously added.  ([todkalte} would be
if you're thinking what to name your kid.  I'm not even going to try to give an
example of an imbedded UI.

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