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Re: all the chinese whispers

> Maybe even a Klingon one (Mark Shoulson is subscribed.  Nick is not, but
> perhaps could be recruited by private email since he ran the first phone game
> /whispers series.

I have also learned Klingon... But am a bit rusty, my vocab's all but
vanished... I'll try the previous Chinese Whisper for practice, and
let you see how back translations from Klingon tend to look... But, I
must warn you: Klingon has smaller and much more specialised vocabulary,
and things that Klingons do to express simple things goes much beyond
tanru. Like, "bridge" becomes "route above the long water", or more
inventively (but also much more obfuscated, although quite
understandable in hindsight) "land joiner". But I am willing to give it
a try, if you really want me to.

Next day I come back to the hotel. Meetings all day long.
Lot of trying to like each other. And I do, I mean they're
nice chaps.

wa'leS pa' vIngIpbogh vIchegh
vIghomtaHvIS jaj naQ qaS
parHa'chuq net nIDqu'taH
QaQmo' latlh vIparHa' 'e' vInID je

One day in future, I return to the room which I borrow.
While I meet (them), a whole day passes.
Mutual {to'e}-disliking is intensely being attempted.
Because they're good, I try, too, to {to'e}-dislike the others.

(~mark, would you correct my mistakes? :))

Qapla' qoranvo'
co'o mi'e. goran.

GAT/CS/O d?@ H s:-@ !g p1(2)@ !au(0?) a- w+(+++) (!)v-@(+) C++(++++)
UU/H(+) P++>++++ L(>+) !3 E>++ N+ K(+) W--(---) M-- !V(--) -po+ Y(+)
t+@(+++) !5 !j R+@ G-@(J++) tv+(++) b++@ D++ B? e+* u@ h!$ f?(+) r--
!n(+@) y+. GeekCode v2.1, modifications left to reader to puzzle out