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Re: all the chinese whispers

I'm afraid the discussion has been going by a lot of people because of the
enormous variety in ow thet game is labelled.  Broken phone is clearly the
same game; we called it "the phone game" when Nick N. ran the exercise a
couple of years ago through a few cycles.  "Whisper Down the Line" is the
name of the party game involving such chained communications, where
translation is not involved, but merely the attempt to accurately relay
a complex message.

To summarize: a few weeks ago, And proposed (and someone, perhaps him, actually
conducted) a round of the "phone game"/"broken phone"/"Chinese whispers".
They were about to do a new round, and someone suggested adding in some other
languages besides just two way Lojban to/from English.

The idea is to make the game more interesting and perhaps less predictable
(not  that it is very predictable in the first place), and also to try to
get more people involved such as yourself, Cyril.  But the proponents of
the game have been forgetting that a lot of people don't follow every thread
 andposting in Lojban List carefully, and may miss the point as well as the
opportunity, without a clearer expression of what is being done, what the
rules are, and what the expectations are for each participant.  I suggest
that the organizer remedy this for the current effort, and repost the
genersal description every time a new group of recruits is sought, since
Lojban List gains an average of 1 new person a day, and loses just as many
probably because people cannot understand the context of these few non-technical
posts %^)