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Re: all the chinese whispers

> > {zilxru}: I meant {zil} to delete x1 of {xruti} - i.e. go from
> > "x1 returns x2 to x3 from x4" to "z1=x2 returns to z2=x3 from z3=x4".
> xorxes was right: zilxru *was* an abomnination.

Well what are {zio} and {zil-} for, if not for cases exactly like

> > I meant {mutce nu troci} to be understood as {da mutce nu de troci},
> > rather than as {mi mutce troci}, which is how Goran understood it
> > (japanesely). Evidently we must be cautious with ellipted sumti.
> I don't really know how I came to translate it into {mi}. That was an
> observative, obviously, and it should have been translated as "Many
> tryers for tryers to entertain themselves".

*Much trying* for tryers to ...