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tins and Thames

> No tin can is made of tin; most are tin-coated steel. About all you
> can say is that it isn't aluminum.  On that small island off the
> coast of Europe, they talk of "tins", although I am told that even
> there drinks come in cans.

On that big sralo island, drinks do come in tinnies. My ocker relatives
tried to persuade me to drink beer out of them, on the grounds that
only poufters and sheilas drink out of glasses.

> la .iVAN. cusku di'e
> > When I'm speaking Bulgarian, I always call the river that flows
> > through London /'temza/.  It's not that I find the /T/ sound hard
> > to pronounce (and I have no problem saying /D@ 'TeImz/ when I'm
> > speaking English), [...]
> Am I missing some subtle joke here?  As an iggerant American, I was
> always taught that "Thames" in that context is /tEmz/, although there
> are towns in the U.S. that are called /TeImz/.

It must be obscure Bulgarian humour. I promise, when I go to
work my bus crosses the /temz/, rhymes with "stems".

Nice to see that iVAN hasn't disappeared after all.