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loglan reform conlangs

> A major disadvantage of trying to start from Lojban and build a reform
> is that by implication you have to outdo our effort (just as in order to
> be credible, the Lojban effort had to outdo the level of detail and
> design that JCB provided), or you have to come across as a half-designed
> reform-clone by saying "do this and that and the other, and then do like
> Lojban for all the rest."

I agree completely with all your remarks (which I've not quoted).
The approach I personally favour is in fact the "half-designed
reform-clone" one, and, as I think I mentioned, I think there are
some relatively unschismatic ways of doing it.

> The impact that I hope we have most had on the conlang world is that:
> thoroughness of design has become a minimum criterion for success.

Success by what standard? Attracting more than a dozen followers?
Being a respect-worthy conlang?