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Re: loglan reform conlangs

>> The impact that I hope we have most had on the conlang world is that:
>> thoroughness of design has become a minimum criterion for success.

>Success by what standard? Attracting more than a dozen followers?
>Being a respect-worthy conlang?

Survival - being remembered by more than their inventor 20 years after the
fact (other than by the conlang collectors association %^).

Laadan has barely survived for example, because it is lacking in detail
except in the "interesting" areas of the language that she covered in the
first book.  Most conlangs end up be a lexicon with a couple of grammar rules
and otherwise rely on your native language or Esperanto to resolve the
unspecified issues (because the inventors are often too linguistically
unaware to REALIZE that there are other issues - witness Glosa - which has
atrtacted a following of more than 12, but will be dead as a doornail in
some number of years).