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Re: Chinese Whispers #2 - Report

> - The voice remained inside the wall until Goran used {ze'o} which
> threw And off. I think {ze'o} means "beyond", despite the confusing
> "outward" of the gi'uste. "Outward" should be {fa'ane'inai} "in the
> direction of the outside" or {mo'ine'inai} "moving to the outside".

Oops. Yes, it would be better if I just used ne'i. I let the keyword
mislead me.

> - Goran forgot to use {li'o}.

Thanks all... I remembered I saw the word for the elided text in the
ma'oste, but just couldn't find it. I didn't remember the word "omit",
but searched for "remove", "delete", "erase", "unspecif", "eli", and
several other patterns, and even did the eyeball search.

co'o mi'e. noi srera ku'o goran.

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