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le reroi cuplinfanva cuntu

> > 3. Iain:
> > the sun reaches its zenith and illuminates the heaps of rubble and the
> > mist)
> > 4. Chris:
> > le solri cu klama le sy. galjimte gi'e tergusni lei se porpi ke darxi
> > .e loi cimdilnu
> > 5. Don:
> > the sun rises to its zenith and illuminates the wreckers and the mist),
> > 6. Goran:
> > le solri ge galmu'u gi te gusni loi daspo .e lo bumru
> > 7. And:
> > the sun's ascension and its illumination of ruins and mist
> Chris loses the heaps. Don turns the rubble into wreckers. I erroneously
> turn the wreckers back into ruins.

The "lei se porpi ke darxi" gave me quite a few problems, I think that it is
literally 'the mass of smashers-to-pieces' i.e. agents who strike something
causing it to become fragmented.  Chris, is "darxi" a typo for "derxi"?  It
would be closer in meaning to rubble.