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Re: le reroi cuplinfanva cuntu

>> How do these {sei} work?
>I've started using {sei} as an adverbifier. I don't really understand what
>it's supposed to be used for, but it is often very convenient to have
>selbri modifiers other than stuck directly to the selbri. I suppose
>{fi'o se krefu ku} would do as well, but it is longer and has a terminator.

It is supposed to mark metalinguistic usage, and so is a bit out
of place as an adverbifier.  It is rather more the type of
thing that one would use to make up an ad hoc discursive bridi or even an
indicator.  It can also manipulate the text without affecting truth value
or claim, or rather it does so after the mannerof an indicator.

>> (Same question
>> for {si, sa, su} - how do you quote these?)

This might be in the front matter of the YACC grammar, and Cowan might have
it in the text paper.  It is part of the priority rules for grammar/lexer