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Re: Broken Phone

> I'm sorry to posting this to the list, it's really for Don, but there
> are some delivery problems when I'm trying to mail directly to him...

Receiving you loud and clear (from the lojban list).

> it seems like your nameserver have no idea about Russia

My server persistently refuses to recognise anyone outside Western Europe and
North America :-(

> I don't feel myself knowing lojban enough to translate
> _to_ [it], but I hope I can translate _from_ lojban to english or
> russian.

Yes, it is my intention to have beginners translate into their native language
and the more practised lojbanis to translate from these languages back into

I was attempting to translate a short text to start game, but I have run
into a few technical problems :-(  A seemingly innocuous text can hide many
perils for the unwary.

co'o mi'e dn.