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Re: Goran on phonology

>Date:         Thu, 16 Nov 1995 19:56:42 +0000
>From: ucleaar <ucleaar%UCL.AC.UK@CUVMB.CC.COLUMBIA.EDU>

>> I didn't believe my professor when he told me that Rg Veda is recited
>> rather than sung. I said, "But I heard melody!". He said, that's just
>> accents. Sama Veda is Rg Veda in song."). AFAIK.

>I don't believe it either. A Tamil once sang me some, and I still remember
>the tune of the start - I can't write out the notes because I'd need
>access to a musical instrument to work it out on, but it sort of reminds
>me of Pink Floyd's _The Wall_. Oh yes, and it was different when recited,
>e.g. AgnimIlepUrohItam when sung but AgnimIlepUritAm when recited.

FWIW, I have it right here in Devanagari, from the Sanskrit Reader by
Charles Lanman, and it reads "agnimi=.le purohita.m" (i= is long i, .l is
cerebral l [a letter which did not survive into Classical Sanskrit], and .m
is anusvara, a nasalization of the preceding vowel).  I won't hazard to
speak authoritatively as to accent.