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Re: How jai and tu'a work

>> >My maoste has {tua} = "the bridi implied by".
>> Sounds like I need to change it to "the abstraction implied by"
>But then it's too vague to be that useful. "Abstraction", I take it, is
>not a coherent semantic notion, but a syntactic notion, so I suppose
>it means "whatever a NU can denote". In that case, tua can refer to
>a truth value or an experience or a concept or, given {suu}, anything

Yep. that it can.  See Cowan's equivalent of tu'a using su'u.
Pragmatics limits the semantics of tu'a, as it does jai,but both are not
for the semantically pedeantic.  (I'll probably put in Cowan's
equivalent into the cmavo list as well)