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>la .and. cusku di'e
>> >  tu'a la lojbab.               bapli    lenu mi'o tavla bau la lojban.
>> >  (some event concerning Lojbab) forces  (the event of me-you talk in
>> My maoste has {tua} = "the bridi implied by". To me a bridi is a du'u
>> - something that is true or false, not an event in the midst of a network
>> of interacting forces. I think there is a general confusion in jbobau
>> selsku between events and propositions.
>Don't get hung up on the keyword definitions in the lists, which are
>only mnemonic and not defining.  "tu'a <sumti>" is "le su'u <sumti>
>co'e", that's defining.

I just checked the list, and in particular, the wording was chosen
because of LogFlash's limit of 20 characters for the keyword phrase.  If
someone has a better less-than-20 character suggestion, I will consider