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Re: self-descriptions?

> What I mean is: "is {dansu kansa coa kansa} a complex selbri"?
> It seems to me that it should be.

Nooo, that is not grammatical by itself. Imaginary journeys cmavo
terminate the preceding sumti. For your excerpt, parser reports problems
with selma'o BRIVLA; my sentence (at least, its relevant part) parses as

({le <dansu kansa>} {<co'a kansa> VAU})

> > > > .i mi nunxeldraco kelci
> Hmm. You need {mi ka fu xeu da draci kei kelci}, really. Or - worse -
> {mi se xi pa nundraci kelci}. But I don't think your preferences
> should be allowed to establish usage unchallenged, however fluent
> that usage is.

I am not very good at following your very technical conversations; I
still am not too sure what the first would mean. ji'a I don't understand
the second, either. Why sexipa? Isn't that the same as {mi nundraci

> > co'o mi'e. noi srera ku'o goran.
> Is COI + relative clause legal? I forget whether COI featured in
> John's new proposal. Do you intend to dub yourself Goran the Errer?

Not yet. I think so. That was my intention.

> > > coo, mie noi friko ninmu tordu marksista kuo and
> > ??? And the African-womanly short Marxist ??? ki'acai?
> fi la pou lojbab ralju fe lei jai fau skicu be fo lo jbovla bei fe
> maa bei fai ro da poi kea me maa bei fi da fa diu tinbe

Rule made by the Chief the lojbab
(rule) which is the event of describing
  with description: lojbanic words
  about us
  everybody of us
  to somebody
  that this describes

=The rule made by Chief lojbab about all of us describing us to others in
lojban with these words is obeyed.

I spent 5 to 10 minutes translating this jufra! What an obfuscation!

co'o mi'e. goran.

GAT/CS/O d?@ H s:-@ !g p1(2)@ !au(0?) a- w+(+++) (!)v-@(+) C++(++++)
UU/H(+) P++>++++ L(>+) !3 E>++ N+ K(+) W--(---) M-- !V(--) -po+ Y(+)
t+@(+++) !5 !j R+@ G-@(J++) tv+(++) b++@ D++ B? e+* u@ h!$ f?(+) r--
!n(+@) y+. GeekCode v2.1, modifications left to reader to puzzle out