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Re: Some comments to mark,l

la goran. cusku di'e

> I don't know, really. We probably have some name for it, but I just can't
> remember any. I guess when I want it handed to me, I say the equivalent
> of "Give me that... for flies." I am usually understood, and if not, I
> accompany the sentence with the swatting motion of my hand. .u'ise'i

In other words, you ask for the {sfani co'e}.  Very lojbanic.

> How is lalxu defined, lojbab? I found myself asking why doesn't lalxu
> have a place for composition, like xamsi. I guess if I lived near one,
> I'd say elliptically just {silnyla'u}. I would like to be able to use
> it, besides the obvious meaning, also for puddles of oil, these salt
> pans, as well as for what happens in the upturned umbrella. Or tell
> me how to say that otherwise.

This is one of those places where a lujvo can achieve a genuine semantic
extension.  Ivan's example is "stone lion"; this is a good tanru, and
doesn't mean that "cinfo" has to have the place structure "x1 is a lion
of species x2, made of material x3"!  Indeed, the x2 place of "cinfo"
probably never gets filled in "rokcinfo", because it is fairly useless.

John Cowan					cowan@ccil.org
		e'osai ko sarji la lojban.