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Re: Comments on the morphology paper

> I meant "ricrnacere".  Your forms have the invalid pair "rx".

What!? All rC pairs are valid (except rr).

darxi, derxi, lorxu, marxa, rirxe, sarxe, sirxo, tirxu.

> > Don't you like my proposal of using the final vowel of the preffix when
> > the word to be copied ends in a consonant? At least it's more predictable.
> I missed that proposal.  Okay, "naceru".

The proposal also included x- as the standard for words that start with
a vowel. I believe Lojban already uses x- to make some gismu from vowel 
starting words: xindo, xazdo, xelso, xrabo, xispo, xurdo, xexso.
I think "n-" would be a bad choice as a standard because it forces -l- 
for the joiner with an r-ending prefix.