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> I do not want to limit the discussion to those who do their homework,
> but I am not going to pay a lot of attention -- at least until things
> get desperate -- to someone who shows signs of not knowing what logic
> has done or not done in a given area. As a sort of minimal entrance
> requirement, I would recommend the relevant sections -- when there ae
> some (and there usually are) -- of McCawley's "Everything that
> Linguists have Always Wanted to Know about Logic" (U/Chicago Press
> -- I have the old, '81, edition to hand, but there is one from a
> couple of years ago that updates matters slightly).

It is obscenely expensive, so I've not bought it, but I think pc is
right that a committed lojbanist ought to be a thoroughbred McCawley
toter. So I'll go off and order my copy [paperback price = c. 33
big macs, in UK].