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Re: serving the needs of Lojban learners

On Thu, 23 Nov 1995, Logical Language Group wrote:

> I jst posted a long and rambling message.  For those who got bogged down on
> my rambling, I REALLT want to hear from the inactive subcribers [...]

    I have been following the list for some time now, and I have met
lojbab in person.  (We are neighbors and even use the same Internet
service provider.)  I admit that because of personal impairments I have
never made an attempt to learn the language.  To be honest, I find it
rather intimidating (the more so with its almost completely idiosyncratic
meta-terminology).  After this time, I am still asking myself:  What is
Lojban all about?  What is it for?  What is it good for?  Why go to the
trouble to learn it in the first place?  Quite frankly, so far it seems
to me to be little other than a head game rather than anything practical.

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