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Re: logical issues (lambda,ka, man-dogs, etc.)

John to xorx:
> > Lojban makes no distinction between his "individuals" and "stages":
> > {mi se cmene zo xorxes} and {mi klama le zarci} use the same {mi},
> > even though the first is mi the individual and the second is only a
> > stage of mi the individual.
> Poof.  In fact, "mi se cmene zo xorxes" became true only when you joined
> the Lojban community.

No. I vociferously dispute that. "koa se cmene zo xorxes" is an eternal
truth, *every* truth being eternal.

> All claims are about stages; some stages may last as long as the
> individual does.

That seems to make sense. The stage- and individual- level distinction
is blurry, and the same thing can be alternately construed as either.

> To think otherwise is a residue of essentialism.

What's essentialism?