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Re: Colourless green ideas

Jorge to Dylan:
> > I'd also like to
> > see a proposal for the substructure of PA, preferably one that doesn't
> > rule out any current texts.
> This is not a full proposal, but I posted this in March:
> The parser accepts any string of PAs as a number, but not all
> combinations are meaningful (at least to me). Here is an attempt
> to describe which are the meaningful combinations, written in
> bnf-ish notation.
> Comments about all this are most welcome and solicited.

I can't comment on its success, but I applaud the endeavour. For
the grammar (= language rule system) to be complete we need to
know the meaning of every possible sentence. At present we don't,
and we can fix this by working out what some previously not understood
construction means, or by rewriting the grammar to rule out the
offending sentence.