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>Steve Belknap is the latest of several people to propose an FAQ file.
>Alas, no one has ever made a list of FAQs to put in such a file.
>Can I ask for a volunteer to assemble some questions, and or people to
>submit suggested questions to the list,a nd we can see if there is any
>basis for a useful FAQ file.

If people will post questions to the list, or mail them to me
(cbogart@quetzal.com), I'll assemble them into a FAQ.  If you see a question
posted and have a good answer to it, post that too.  Put FAQ in the header
line.  I am trying to stop reading the technical stuff, so questions
proposed in tech threads won't be included probably.
 Chris Bogart        \  /  http://www.quetzal.com
 Boulder, CO          \/   cbogart@quetzal.com