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Re: FAQ!

The most frequent FAQ is of course the apostrophe for "h".  There is also
a variety of questions about fu'ivla that usually can be answered by citing
the 4 typoes of fu'ivla, and the progression thereof.  No one has (since
JCB's era) written how the Lojban gismu get made, though I think Cowan
touches on it in the refgrammar - som practical examples from the etymology
would help.  It may be possible to phrase Markl's question about rafsi and
cmavo having the same form and meaning different things into an FAQ format.
These are technical issue FAQs.

The main historical issue FAQ is the relationshipbetween Lojban and Loglan,
and I have an essay that I wrote up a long time ago that I send iut in
response to that.  It may or may not be on the Web site, and it may
need refreshing.

Then there are general questions about the language - the ones listed in the
beochure are the main beginner FAQs of long standing.  You may want to write
differen answers.  The main weakness of the brochure is 1) there aren;t good
examples of Lojban text (Occam's razor is incredibly lousy), especially
with explanation and 2) the matter towards the end on  what LLG is up to and 
what a beginner can do to get started is 1)not very net-oriented and 2) somewhat
dated if not outdated.

I can easily see three different sets of FAQs - corresponding to the 3 categories I mentioned abnove - technical, historical/organizational, and general
beginner-type FAQs.

Oh one last one, is to point out sources of texts people can look at.  Some
are pulled out as spearate files on the server and Web. but there are a LOT
more embedded in the archives, and pointing to the particular archives
where Lojban text of varying levels of difficulty may be found would be a
BIG help (indeed, finushing Veijo's project to WEbbify the archives and
index ALL of the Lojban text threads would be a couple of major projects on
ther own, and you might want to recruit help for one or both.