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Re: serving the needs of Lojban learners

>Also, I propose to use a more scientific approach to select the
>"Basic Lojban" vocabulary: use the most frequent 400 gismu from the Lojban
>text that has appeared on the list so far (this should be enough to give good
>statistics) and the same for cmavo, although perhaps prune this one a
>bit for systematicity.

Well, the LogFlash version of the gismu list DOES havwe the words in frequency
order.  And likewise the LogFlash cmavo list attemots to match the order,
but with a little more systematicity of selma'o grouping (i.e. learning lei and
loi together even though one is used far more than the other.)

The data used to make the orders is old, and Nora can probably to a quicky
 program to update it for the texts I have in the archive, (which is only up to
around l8/94).