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Re: serving the needs of Lojban learners

I realize I'm not supposed to give my views on this matter, as I
was explicitly singled out as an egregious non-lurker, but give
my views I nonetheless shall.

I would like to see two lists, one low traffic and the other
high traffic, for technical discussions. (Lojban list cd be
the low traffic, and we cd call the new one "Jbobau" or
"Jbomri" or suchlike.) If Jorge and me and Lojbab and a few
others tended to direct our postings to the high traffic list,
then the low traffic one would be perfectly manageable, and
the volume wd not be a deterrent. People cd subscribe and
unsubscribe to the hi volume list when time and enthusiasm
and disk quota permits, while staying always subscribed
to the low volume list, in order to keep in touch with the lojban

This solution appeals to me because I am of the view that the
high level of discussion on the list serves partly to power the project,
but it also deters potential adherents and places a great burden
on the forbearance of those who are sympathetic to the project
but not fanatically so.

If this solution were adopted, and if we have records of those
who sign on and off the list, then perhaps private email could
be sent to those people telling them of lojban low traffic list.

Anything involving newsgroups and WWW to the exclusion of email
is bad for me.