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Re: translation problems

>I think that the line that says to send the minilesson for correction
>should be removed from that file. The corrections per se are not really
>needed, because the exercises are fairly easy, but I remember feeling
>the same way when I didn't get the corrections back as a form of
>acknowledgment. The natural reaction to that is to ask oneself why did
>I bother to send it?

I have tried in the past to give any respondent some acknowledgement, but this
broke down in Mark's case because he sent his in the weekend I got back from
vacation. I won't see his message again, except by specifically looking for
it, until I get to that date in my mail backlog which is now starts in earlt
9/94.  (I did try for a while to process more recent stuff a little bit to get
the most important stuff taken care of like this, but did only a few
days in 8/95 before that got sidetracked.)

My acknowledgement usually takes the form a a statement that the resposne was
received, perhaps responding to one or two specific comments made by the person
 that make the response persoanlly directed, and telling the person that the
response and comments ARE valued and will be used whenever we get to redesigning
the minilesson, which is a true statement.

I would still like people to send their efforts and comments to me, but perhaps
the header needs to be reworded.  The problem of course is that the minilesson
was originally posted on Lojbna List, and the file is just the extract from the
list archive, and like most of our net materials was NOT written specifically
for the net user.