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>What predicate would you like in order to say that? Something like:
>        x1 is x2 units (default=1) on scale/property x3
>Unfortunately, I can't find a gismu with that structure.

He doesn't need the default, and therefore klani has what he needs.

>I remember that someone once proposed that {gradu} should have that
>structure, but it seems that it wasn't changed.  That the place
>structure of all the specific units, it is really weird that the generic
>unit doesn't have that structure.

gradu isn't really a generic unit, though it has probably been used as
such.  It was originally meant to be the category containing the units,

just as skari contains all the colors.

Now with dikyjvo, I think both skari and gradu have trouble being used
in lujvo as they were intended (cindu skari would be the color of an
oak, but should have the generic colr place struture, and not a
derivative of skari's place structure), and maybe Nick needs to include
a note about these kinds of words. rango, danlu a nd a few others have
this problem too.