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Re: misc responses to and

mi joi la .and. joi la lojbab. cusku be di'e casnu

> >> Here you may have a better case; it is probably true that for any
> >> <bridi>, "lo ka <bridi>" expresses a unique object, and with the
> >>  new "me" we can recover the predicate if we want it.  However,
> >> uniformity of abstractors is probably more important.
> >
> >Uniformity of abstractors, if it is distinct from sticking with the
> >status quo, is a positively bad thing.  As for sticking with the status
> >quo, most people feel it is more important, but I'd like to assure Markl
> >that I don't:
> I disagree with John.  There can be many properties of a relationship,
> especially a multiplace one.  The relationship between x1 and x2 of a 5
> place predicate is a property of the relationship, but not the only one.

Yes, but (under my xe'u proposal) the difference there is represented by
a difference in the bridi, even if not expressed due to sumti nalnunsku.

John Cowan					cowan@ccil.org
		e'osai ko sarji la lojban.