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Re: buffer vowel

la lojbab. cusku di'e

> I had been guessing that a voiceless bilabial trill was akin to a
> voiceless "Bronx cheer"/"raspberry", and I can't imagine how to do one
> of those voicelessly %^) (much less multiple times in a sentence).
> Maybe my image of a "trill" is incorrect.

Almost.  A razzberry (we've discussed the spelling before) is an ejective
voiceless bilabial trill, because it uses only the air already trapped
in the mouth.  A plain voiceless [B] would be something like [p], but
releasing the airstream in a sputter rather than smoothly.  In any event,
ejective is incompatible with voicing AFAIK.

(Some razzberries are ejective voiceless interdental trills, to be sure.)

> I'd be surprised if someone hasn't invented a joke conlang with /belch/ as a
> phoneme.  Hmm.  Voiceless belch.  Belchal fricative.  Yep, I've heard
> these before!

Moundsbar has the voiced snore, but as far as I know not the belch.
In any event, belches are neither voiced nor voiceless, but use the 
"pseudo-voice" used by people with laryngectomies.

John Cowan					cowan@ccil.org
		e'osai ko sarji la lojban.