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Re: Fuzzy Fallacies

>It would be interesting to know what exactly is supposed to go in a
>place for a standard. Are any of these right:
>        ko'a condi fo mi
>        Koha is deep/tall by standard me.
>        ko'a condi fo leka ke'a zmadu lo mitre be li papimu
>        Koha is deep/tall by standard being more than a length of 1.5m
>        ko'a condi fo lo'e remna
>        Koha is deep/tall by standard the average human.

All.  In the first you are comparing with yourself, in the second with 1.5M
and in the 3rd with the average human.  The open question is whether
a anc require a tu'a, because elaborating requires the same kind of leka
phrase as the 2nd.