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Re: Fuzzy Fallacies

la lojbab cusku di'e

> >        ko'a condi fo mi
> >        Koha is deep/tall by standard me.
> >
> >        ko'a condi fo leka ke'a zmadu lo mitre be li papimu
> >        Koha is deep/tall by standard being more than a length of 1.5m
> >
> >        ko'a condi fo lo'e remna
> >        Koha is deep/tall by standard the average human.
> All.  In the first you are comparing with yourself,

I meant it in the sense "according to my impression". I take it that
is not a valid use of the standard place?

Does {ta xamgu do mi} mean "that is good for you compared to how good
I am for you} or does it mean "that is good for you by my reckoning"?
I think all the examples I've seen give the second interpretation.

>  in the second with 1.5M
> and in the 3rd with the average human.  The open question is whether
> a anc require a tu'a, because elaborating requires the same kind of leka
> phrase as the 2nd.

That's not the only open question. It seems to me that standard places
are used rather haphazardly.