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Re: various fuzzy matters

Translation follows.

> > la djan cu barda le clani
> {le clani} means "the long one(s)", so {la djan cu barda le clani} means
> "John is big in the long dimension" which seems fine.

.i mi fapro .ienaisai .i ma poi cimde cu clani .i pe'i noda .i ku'i le
ka clani cu cimde co drani pe'i .isemu'ibo .e'u lu la djan. barda le ka
clani li'u

> I'm afraid that the pervasive misunderstanding persists. You tell me that
> "John is to fuzzy extent 0.5 taller than normal". I then tell you that
> "Mike is to fuzzy extent 0.6 taller than normal". Are we allowed to
> conclude that Mike is taller than John?

.i pe'i na go'i .i ro da poi prenu ku'o ro di poi bridi de po'u piro loi
ni di jetnu zo'u de diklo da

> If no, then what are we using the numbers for? It is not even an ordinal
> scale, because it doesn't allow us to compare their heights.

.i da pe ro prenu zo'u lenu karbe pada pada cu cumki

> > Of course, speaker and listener might choose to leave the exact fuzzy norm
> > unspecified, or might use a different function;
> If they leave it unspecified, how can they understand each other?
> "John is 0.43 fuzzy tall", "No he's not, he's obviously a 0.56",
> "What do you mean 0.56, can't you tell he's a 0.43?" etc.

.u'isai .ie .iku'i ro ve merli cu diklo pe'i lo prenu .ini'ibo le nu
fapro fi loi go'i cu bebna

co'o mi'e. goran.

I don't think so! What dimension is long? I don't think any is. But length is
a proper dimension. So, I suggest {la djan. barda le ka clani}.

I think not. All truth values are person-specific.

Ideas of the same person can be compared.

:) :) Yes, but the scales are person-specific, I think... That makes
arguing about them pretty foolish.

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