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Re: self-descriptions?

>> >But why is this harder than usage without FA (i.e. in normal
>> >x1, x2, x3 ... order)?

>> FA-scrambling requires more syllables than normal order, so normal
>> order is favored by the syntax.  So naturally lazy syllable-hating
>> lojbanis will use normal order more often, and be more used to hearing
>> it.  Listening to language structures you are used to is easier than
>> unfamiliar ones, and the normal order will be the most familiar vau ba'a.

>Sure. I originally asked "Is the difficulty due to anything other than
>unfamiliarity?", and the answer seems to be No.

And I maintain that will always be so, even if fa-scrambling becomes
commonplace.  Any particular ordering is bound to be unfamiliar, because
there are so many possibilities.
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