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Re: Eurolang Bible Project

In message <v01510101ace0b5bf7c38@[]> Gordon Tillman writes:
> Hi Phil,
> About the Bible translation efforts:
> >(I was going to make it available from the listserver, but unfortunately
> >the get-file facility doesn't work. I will try again with a later
> >version of the listserver software. Using get-file would be better because
> >if would mean I wouldn't waste bandwidth for people not interested in
> >this file.)
> You may wish to make the translated text available on your Eurolang
> web page.

I will update this once I have produced the v2.3 dictionaries. The
new web pages will be better laid out, will have up-to-date dictionaries,
and will have more examples of text in Eurolang. They will also include
pointers to this mailing list.

Phil Hunt, administrator of the Eurolang mailing list.