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Re: fuzzy models

>>  I've indicated
>> above that I think this is demeaning and insulting to women, as such
>> scoring implies that the chief value of women lies in their physical
>> attractiveness. But that's a different soapbox.

>There are male models too, why should the scale apply to women only?
>So you would not use numbers with the predicate {melbi}. How can we
>tell which predicates are suitable for number ranking?

We definitely should not selectively apply a notion like this to some scales
and not others.  Rating beauty is clearly a controversial subject, and even
within the US, never mind other places, some subcultures like to do it and
some are appalled by it.  The lojbanic thing to do, pe'i, is to allow
everything and let cultures use the parts they like.  Personally I won't be
holding up signs in Lojban that rate the pretty boys; maybe rowdy students
at Lojbo U. will.  A real language should be able to express anything,
including crap.

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