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Re: TECH: new cmavo "ju'e"

I have no idea what re'u is.  I was referring to ju'e and the capability
to do causal/modal connection in afterthought wihtout making a logical
claim.  In other words, we didn't do it your way, but we fulfilled the 
"broken" part of the language that yiu found.

"Broken" in regards to grammar changes is really more like "whatever Cowan
feels like changing".  He is the one who does the parser and writes the
proposals formally and reflects whatever is done in the book-to-be.

With regard to cmavo changes and additions, ju'e is the only new one that has
acyually been adopted in the last year or so, because adoption means among
other things writing up a line for the cmavo list.  Thelast year of the
language has produced MANY proposals, but almost none that even got assigned
something in cmavo space (which is why I am surprised that you have a 
specific "re'u" rather than an Xvv).