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Re: tech: logic matters

la and cusku di'e

> Date:         Tue, 13 Feb 1996 19:28:36 +0000
> From: ucleaar <ucleaar@UCL.AC.UK>
> Subject:      Re: tech: logic matters
> > The equivalence of ro lo and roda poi certainly never was adopted but
> > was one of the multiple conflicting proposals of the endless  "any"
> > discussion that never got resolved.
> It was the consensus view, and the only coherent one put forward at
> the time. Of course, I am now opposed to it, so I will gladly subscribe
> to your version of recent history.
> coo, mie and

  I, for one, was never happy with the equivalencing of 'ro lo' and
  'ro da poi'. I had always felt that veridicality and existential
  import ought to be separated - and I'd have been very reluctant to
  give up the veridicality of 'lo' (I was/am even inclined to consider
  'lo' opaque). But let's not get involved in the "any" discussion any
  more - I had enough of that.


  co'o mi'e veion

.i mi du la'o sy. Veijo Vilva sy.