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Re: CAha (was: partial instantiations)

la .and. cusku di'e

> (i) Is {da ka`e broda}
>     {ka`e ku da broda} = {cumki fa lo nu da broda}
> or
>     {da ka`e ku broda} = {da zo`u cumki fa lo nu da broda}
> ?

The answer is not defined at present, since we don't have rules
for interacting CAhAs with quantified variables.

> (ii) How can one express the idea "At time T, subject S is
> being/doing P", as opposed to "At time T=now, S is P"? (I
> thought that {ca`a} has a default expansion to {ca ca`a}.)

No, "ca'a" is no more implicitly "ca" than tenseless bridi are
implicitly "ca" (and no less, either).

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