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Re: Ethnic Gismu, Learning Lojban

la djulianos cusku di'e

> First, I browsed the gismu list, and I noticed that ethnic-related
> terms are somwtimes puzzling. For instance, no gismu (nor lujvo,
> as far as I could see) is avaible to express 'Italian' and related
> concepts, while you can find words for 'Greek' or 'Palestinian'. Which
> are the inclusion criteria?

There are no clear criteria. In the case of 'Italian', the gismu
{talno} has been used more than a few times, but it is not official.

> I hope not to have been too boring (I dare not think how this
> sentence could be translated in lojban).

a'o mi na pu dukse tolzdi (to u'onai mi na pensi le du'u fanva dei
la lojban fu makau toi)

co'o mi'e xorxes