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Phonology paper released

A new paper on Lojban phonology and orthography is now available for comment.
This is a pre-release version.  Because it uses the IPA, I have released it
in Microsoft Word for Windows 2.0 format (phon.doc) and Microsoft RTF
format (phon.rtf) as well as plain ASCII (phon.txt).  The IPA characters
in phon.txt are always in square brackets, and should be fairly easy to
guess, most of 'em:  some are high-bit and will be more difficult.
I have not used the ASCII-IPA conventions.

As usual, the paper is currently available on ftp.access.digex.net
in the /pub/access/lojbab directory; it will later move to powered.cs.yale.edu
in the /pub/lojban/draft/refgrammar directory, possibly after some revisions.

I can deliver in various other formats for those who are willing to commit
to read and comment.  The more reviewers, the better!

This paper is not entirely original: it is a massive tear-up-and-rewrite
of the first half of the 1988 >Synopsis< by lojbab.

John Cowan              sharing account <lojbab@access.digex.net> for now
                e'osai ko sarji la lojban.