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Phonology Paper Released

The new phonology paper from my reference grammar is now available for
snarfing and review by anonymous ftp from ftp.access.digex.net,
directory /pub/access/lojbab.  Because this paper uses IPA symbology,
there are several versions and ancillary files available.

phon.txt is the usual ASCII only format.  The IPA characters are included;
most are the obvious choices, but some are a little odd; they conform to
the SIL IPA font mapping rather than ASCII-IPA or the like.

phon.doc is Word for Windows 2.0 format; phon.rtf is Microsoft RTF format.
If you can process either of these, you will find them more readable than

silip12a.exe is a self-executing (under MS-DOS) LHA archive as distributed
by SIL, containing the various SIL IPA Encore fonts in TrueType and Postscript

I have also unpacked the SILDoulosIPA (Times Roman-like) font, which is the
only one used by phon.doc.  The TrueType file is sildipa_.ttf; the
other sildipa_.* files are various PostScript font files.

Please review and return comments as soon as possible!

John Cowan              sharing account <lojbab@access.digex.net> for now
                e'osai ko sarji la lojban.