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Re: Phonology Paper Released

> As a result, the Lojban design allows the use of a buffer sound
> between consonant combinations which a speaker finds unpronounceable.
> This sound may be any non-Lojbanic vowel which is clearly separable
> by the listener from the Lojban vowels. Some possibilities are IPA
> [I], [+], [U], or even [Y], but there probably is no universally

Hmm, I don't think [Y] is acceptable. It's a rounded variant of [i],
and the paper expresses that:

> Note in particular that Lojban vowels can be either rounded or
> unrounded; typically "o" and "u" are rounded and the others are not,
> but this is not a requirement; some people round "y" as well.

Hence [Y] is not "clearly separable by the listener from the Lojban
vowels". The same applies to any vowel sound that differs from Lojban
vowels only in roundedness.

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