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Re: Phonology Paper Released


> > Why does Lojban make [B] a variant of "v" rather than of "b"?
> > Is this rule inherited from Loglan? I definitely don't like it.

> I read somewhere that the russian cluster "KB" as in "MOCKBA" (sorry,
> no cyrillic fonts :-) sounds [kB]. Perhaps JCB (or someone else) was
> aware of this. (Perhaps also la kir. or someone else could tell us
> if that cluster does indeed sound this way.)

I haven't yet read phonology paper, and pronuncation always was my
weakest side (you happy haven't _hear_ my english! :-), but I belive
lojban sounds are more or less close to correspondent russian (maybe
expect ' ). But I can prove that MOCKBA sounds just mos,KVA - neither
"mosqua" nor "moskba". Cyrillic alphabet has _two_ letters derived from
Greek "beta" - and those _looks_ like latin B _sounds_ like V.

co'o mi'e kir.
Cyril Slobin <slobin@fe.msk.ru> `When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said,
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