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Re: rel clause paper

cusku die fa la djan
> > Yes, this is what I was after. Now, is (1) possible with a cmevla
> > instead of "nanmu", as in:
> > 3)  la frederik poi terpa le kea xirma ku
> >     Frederick-afraid-of-his-horse
> > like "Ethelred the Unready", "John Lackland", or "John Smith"
> > for that matter - or "John Johnson", "John Cowan"?
> No.  For one thing, "ku" isn't used in "la frederik.", which has no
> elidable terminator. You are stuck with "la .efelred. to'erbred."
> or "la djan. tumclax.", and of course there's no guarantee that the
> hearer will correctly interpret such names.

Is it legitimate for one to ask for a means of doing what I
asked about? {la djon tumclax} is not a solution, since, as you
say, it may be not understood, as with "John Cowan", or it may
be wrongly understood, as with "Noburo Takeshita" (I forget what
exactly the first name was).