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Re: rel clause paper

fe die xe cusku fa la djan
> > Is it legitimate for one to ask for a means of doing what I
> > asked about?
> Well, with my proposed reading of "me" (or even without it, really)
> you can say:
>        la me la djan. tumclaxu
> which means "The one named 'The one named "John" type-of
> land-lacker". Suit?

Not satisfactory. I think of "Alfred the Great", "Dai Jones the
Bread", etc. A relative clause/phrase is part of the name. If
I use the name, I'm not claiming that Alfred was great, or that
Dai Jones is associated with the bread. Perhpas {la tumclaxu pou
la djan}, {la banli pou la alfred}? {la pou la alfred (geu) banli}?